Shared Hosting vs. Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting is a suitable solution for most of our clients' hosting needs. However some need more than what this type of hosting has to offer. This is why we have Semi-Dedicated Hosting.

If you are running multiple websites or even a single highly popular website and these have outgrown the capabilities of our Shared Hosting in terms of: CPU/RAM use, Web Server use, MySQL or other services use or need in general better server performance, then you need the power of our Semi-Dedicated Hosting. You are on the move to get what your sites and business demand.

Semi-Dedicated hosting provides the solution. Its a higher level of hosting, which will provide you with a bounty of resources for all your sites' needs:

  • performance on a Semi-Dedicated plan is better than the same with Shared Hosting
  • prices for this type of hosting will remain lower than those for a dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) solution
  • the hosting technology and tools (control panel, services and support) provided are as easy to use as the ones for Shared Hosting. No advanced technical skills are required (unlike with VPS plans, which will require administration skills).
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Benefits of the Semi-Dedicated Hosting

More processing power

In a few sentences, Semi-Dedicated Hosting offer more processing power than shared hosting. It is the perfect solution for people who are not so advanced to manage a dedicated Virtual Private Server.

Lower usage limitations

CPU, RAM, Apache and MySQL limits are up to several times higher compared to shared hosting.

Fewer accounts on server

Semi-Dedicated Hosting features fewer accounts compared to shared hosting. In the same time, cost is lower compared to a dedicated Virtual Private Server.

More server resources

Physical machine resources are distributed on a few accounts powering them with more CPU, RAM, Web Server and MySQL resource.

Custom modules & packages support

Unlike shared hosting you can request a custom module or software to be installed by our technical support in case any of your scripts need so.

Clustered hosting

Semi-Dedicated Hosting compared to dedicated Virtual Private Server still has the clustered platform advantage. That is DNS, Email and MySQL to run on separate servers distributing the load.

No advanced or technical knowledge needed

While dedicated Virtual Private Server requires advanced technical skills to be managed efficiently, Semi-Dedicated Hosting entire maintenance and monitoring is performed by our experienced technicians.

Shared hosting Control Panel

Our in-house Control Panel is included in our Semi-Dedicated Hosting plans as it is on the shared hosting platform. The maintenance and updates are entirely performed by our team.

30 days money back

We stand by our quality services by offering you RAID Back Up System to keep your data save and 30 Days to try our services. If you are not satisfied we are gladly give your money back.

Increase Productivity

AH Domain , Web Hosting , VPS , SSL Control Panel - fully featured in-house developed control panel based enable you to manage your Business efficiently , effectively and get more DONE !

Save Time

AH staffs are always friendly and fast Monitoring, doing servers' maintenance and providing you support to your requests twenty-four-hour work. Get technical problem solve in few minutes of your TIME! .

Clients Say:

I really like support service. The staff are very fast and accurate. Always in a good mood and always responds very friendly the most stupid questions.

Tech supports are very friendly and helpful. I always get answer in 10 minutes. Thanks.

The quality of this plan is excellent, I have nothing to complain. I am very satisfied with the services offered

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